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Wind turbine rotor blade: Inspection and repair


It is important to maintain the wind turbine and specially the rotor blades in good shape. Otherwise, there can be expensive damages and long unplanned maintenance stops. Rotor blades which are not aerodynamically efficient and blanced result in a loss of income. This is why it is important to do inspections and maintainance of the wind turbine so that one can avoid unplanned stops as much as possible. If regular inspections of the blade are not done, it can result in damages to the gear box and hydraulic systems. If hydraulic system leaks are not deal with immediately, the blade can fill up with oil and damage the blade unrepairable.

  • Inspection: With our rope access techniques, we can reach every location on the rotor blade. We can inspect the front and backside (Pressure side and suction side) of all the rotor blades with non-destructive testing methods. We can verify that the lighting protection system is functioning properly. And finally, we can produce detailed inspections reports with a comprehensive list of the problems and damages, and suggestions for repair.
    Recommended inspections:
    Inspection of rotor blades for transport damages (Before the blades are mounted)
    Inspection of rotor blades for assembly damages (After the blades have been mounted)
    Inspection of rotor blades before expiration of manufacturer's warranty
    Inspection of rotor blades after expiration of manufacturer's warranty

  • Damage repair: Our technicians are certified for repairing multiple types of blade damages: "top coat" damage, "gel coat" damage, laminate damage, and structural damages to the leading and trailing edges of the rotor blade.

  • Maintenance: We can clean the rotor blades from lichen, algae, oil and dirt and make sure that drainage holes are unclogged.

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Rotor blade technician on wind turbine.
Rotor blade leanding wear due to weathering
Rotor blade tip damage
Rotor blade tip damaged by lightening strike.
Rotor blade tip after repair.
Missing Vortex generators
Newly replaced Vortex generatorer