With Winter, snow and ice follows!

It is nice to see the lakes freeze and the white foot prints in the snowy hills. But it is not nice to have excessive snow and ice accumulated on the roof, gutter and downspouts! Högre Höjder Ropeaccess AB can remove snow and ice from the roof, professionally, quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us when the roof is full of snow and ice so that it can be cleared at once!
Or contacts us early , so we can do an inspection of the facilities and together come up with good plan and long range contract for snow and ice removal, before the winter hits again.

istappar   is   snöskottning

We also offer other roof and facade related services, for example roof cleaning and painting, render repairs, repairs to gutters and other sheet metal components. We use rope access techniques. Advantages - beyond safety - include we do not need to make use of skylifts or scaffolding. In this way, the work can be done rapidly and at a lesser cost, and we leave no trace of our presence on the ground or the building. We can simply be on site, do our work, quick and simple. It is ideal for buildings in the inner city.

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